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Regenerative Patches


Lifewave X39 regenerative patch. The X49 supports the heart, bones, and muscles of the body. Together they put your wellness on steroids.

Weight Loss


SP6 used to curb cravings and Energy Enhancers use the fat of the body to burn more fat.

SP6 Balances Hormones by increasing the functionality of the hypothalamus.

Detox & Immune Support


Did you know most chronic health issues are associated with low Glutathione levels.

Lifewave's Glutathione patches increase the production of Glutathione by 300% in the first 24 hours.

Pain Relief


Icewave patches were the second in the range of patches developed by David Schmidt over 20 years ago, they can be used effectively to give almost immediate pain relief. The X39 Stem Cell patches will activate more stem cells in the painful area, and Aeon will rid the area of inflammation.

Stress & Inflammation


Aeon patches bring down cortisol levels in the body associated with high levels of stress. Aeon patches also keep the nervous system in parasympathetic mode for longer periods, keeping the body in a state of calm for longer. Lifewave Aeon patches also bring down inflammation in the body in as little as 15min.

Stop Glycation associated with Diabetes 2


Lifewave Carnosine patches repair tendon, ligament & muscular injury. Support lung, brain and heart health. Carnosine stops shortening of the telomeres and can extend our lifespan.

Carnosine stops glycation therefore supporting Diabetes 2 which also keeps our skin free from wrinkles.

Carnosine patches can be used along side X39 Stem Cell Activating Patches to support wound healing.

Lifewave Carnosine patches can increase athletic performance by 124%



People don't realise you need energy to keep you going during the day & you need energy to switch over to the night processes in the body to get you to sleep. You may want two try using Energy Enhancers during the day to support the body if you struggle with sleep so you have enough energy to support the body at night.

Lifewave Silent Night increases sleep by 66%.

Remember to set the scene for sleep:

1)Take a warm bath

2) Read a book or listen to soothing music

3) Stay off your devices

4) Keep your room dark

5) Make sure there are now noises that could keep you awake. 

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